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My mission is simple. I want to help successful people achieve positive, lasting changes in behavior; for themselves, their people, and their teams.

I want to help you make your life a little better. With a decade of experience helping CEOs and executives overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors to achieve greater success, I don’t do this for fame and accolades. I do this because I love helping people and witness their results!

As an executive coach & mentor, I help people understand how our beliefs and the environments we operate in can trigger negative behaviors. Through simple and practical advice, I help people achieve and sustain positive behavioral change.


Helping Successful Leaders Get Even Better!

Evgeny Bazhov is one of the most accomplished and in-demand executive coaches. With a client list of Leaders from different countries, he is very selective in choosing clients. Evgeny’s clients are People whose work is critically important to the organization. He currently has a waiting list of three months for any potential new clients. Evgeny is coaching with the unique Marshall Goldsmit Stakeholders Centered Coaching approach.  With this approach he only gets paid after his clients get better!  “Better” is not defined by Evgeny or by his individual clients.  “Better” means measurable positive change in pre-selected leadership behaviors as determined by pre-selected key stakeholders.

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Tracy Wang

E-commerce Director, Cargill China

Evgeny is the expert at helping people get better…. He provides a rich set of new, practical, and life-tested ideas, concepts, and frameworks that will help those of us who want to change, be the best we can be, and be the person we want to be.”

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David Yu

CEO, China Industrial Corporation

Evgeny is a valuable coach and partner in driving organizational change and performance improvement.

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Lucia Song

HRD, Parker-Hannifin Great China

Evgeny’s coaching techniques and valuable lessons empower you to extract greater meaning from interpersonal relationships and provide a superior understanding of the great results that can be achieved through positive leadership.


Becoming a great business leader is within reach of anyone. The question is whether you’re willing to commit yourself to learn. 

Testimonial from Peter Hill, USA
Testimonial from Tracy W., Beijing China

The father of management, Peter Drucker, once said that there may be natural-born leaders, but there are so few of them that they make no difference in the greater scheme of things. The truth is that your skills as a leader are borne out of your passion, your tenacity and necessity to grow your career and organization. 

There are five major qualities you must develop, based on the research of 11000 successful companies by Brian Tracy: 

  • First, leaders are proactive. They are always thinking in terms of what can be done to achieve more and better results, fully aware that most things don’t work the first time.

  • Second, leaders are learners. They practice the skills that are necessary to succeed in their job. For example, they commit themselves to learning that one new skill that will double their performance every year.

  • Third, leaders give credit and take responsibility. This means when things go right, you motivate your team by giving them credit. When things go wrong, you address those issues directly by taking responsibility for doing better next time.

  • Fourth, leaders measure performance. You can’t change what you don’t measure. The first question they ask is, “What am I trying to accomplish here? What must be done that only I as leader must do?”

  • Fifth, leaders are clearly focused on the goal and flexible about how to get there. Remember, there is no such thing as failure; there is only feedback. As Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, said, “You only have to be successful the last time.”

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Evgeny Bazhov story

  • Executive MBA, PhD

  • Executive Coach Certificate from Coaching Australia by MindSpan

  • ACC International Coaching Federation 

  • PhD in Management Psychology

  • I authored several books on the topics about business and personal development 

  • 7 years of experience in companies with career growth from translator to CEO (companies with a turnover of more than US $ 300 million)

  • 8 years of entrepreneurial experience (company with a turnover of over USD 1 million).

My mission is “Releasing the Power of People”


My mentors


I asked Marshall once, what is the secret of his success? 
He answered: "Evgeny, my secret is that I only work with the winners"
I believe each of you is a winner!  You beat the 150 million competitors in a race when you were a sperm.  You can overcome any difficulties on the way to your best yourself!

Gary Ranker was named as One of the five best executive coaches in the world by Forbes Magazine and among"50 World's Leading Thinkers" according to the Financial Times.
During one of our meetings, Gary told me: "An Olympic champion, a man at the peak of his abilities, has a coach; so why shouldn't the CEO have one?"
I see not the person who is now in front of me, but who he or she can become!


This world-famous psychologist advised me once: “Go your own way!” Since that day I believe that Each person writes his or her own book of life. Whether it will be an amazing bestseller is up to you!

Development program

Available HIPO and startup team development experimental program. Special financing terms. 

Stage 1

the participant will define and formulate a goal;  prioritize reality to achieve the goal;  identify and create opportunities;  activates the will to achieve the goal.

Stage 2

will become a lighthouse in the blue ocean. Will create interest from internal and external stakeholders in his or her project and personality.

Stage 3

will create a sustainable system that will itself support its growth and work for its development.

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